(Don't forget to turn on the music!)

This is a game inspired by my real life situation of catching NYU shuttle buses which are not always coming on time. I chose this topic because I always like making satires of things I've experienced. In this game, I tried to simulate all the emotions I had during waiting for school shuttle buses in the first semester of my freshman year. I intend to provide a environment to the players to let them experience the anxiety and despair of catching shuttles.

First of all, I did the basic function of the game which is catching a coming school bus. And then, I modeled almost all the models I would have to use in my game. After doing that, I was always thinking about how I can make the simple game diverse and interesting. Thus, I created more stuff players can do in the game and different endings for each of them. The funnest part was to naming the endings and adding music while the least fun was debugging. I think it's a good decision to make the most important things at first (functions and large models).

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I love the fact that there are multiple endings. I think this game is extremely relatable, with a bit of surreal humor added to it. It feels quite polished.

Love the trees.

Dark sometimes but funny & I liked all the different endings. 

very grim with lots of dark humor but I enjoyed it, and I like all the endings